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Technical performance reviews

Design and the choice of the equipment are extremely important in achieving the target objective. This stage ensures that you achieve an optimum final result through the design, scaling, specifications and works monitoring.

In short,


In detail

Preliminary Projects

Teenconsulting’s engineers conduct an in-depth analysis of the existing situation so as to master every aspect concerning future work.

Our great experience, mainly in refurbishment, enables us to clearly identify problematic situations in order to be able to remedy them easily and, in this way, not to leave any grey areas.

We then work out the general principles of the various possible options available.
This phase enables you to make your choice while taking the following aspects into account:

– TechnicalSolution
– Energy
– Budget
– Use
– Maintenance



The folder forming the Preliminary Project comprises:

– The existing and planned functional diagrams ;

– The layout drawings ;

Specifications of the planned work and its implementation ;

– A budget survey for each solution being considered ;

– A summary table of

> energy savings
> Return On Investment (ROI)
> enhancement of the investment over 10, 15 or 20 years


The concepts developed by Teenconsulting will always be targeted to obtain a high-performance facility in terms of both comfort and energy performance.

Cost-effective design

The cost-effective design of new facilities is dedicated to comfort, of course, but also qith an eye towards energy saving (energy performance of the facilities). In actual fact, our experts regularly stae that facilities are “comfort”-oriented without giving due consideration to the energy bill.

For this purpose, Teenconsulting makes the optimum sizing of new facilities a point of honour so that all the budget and energy objectives are achieved !

Technical assistance when tenders are examined

Teenconsulting provides Project Ownership assistance whan tenders are being examined. This is done in order to provide the necessary technical clarification to contractors, making it possible to provide a tender matching the established requirements in every respect.

The engineering office analyses the different tenders received and drafts a technical and financial report that will allow the Project Owner to conduct the contractor selection procedure.

Assistance with works monitoring

Assistance travaux

Well-designed facilities and the installation of appropriate equipment do not necessarily mean that requirements are efficiently and correctly implemented. It is therefore essential for works monitoring to be performed in the field.

Teenconsulting makes sure that its study and the work carried out form a perfect match and assists the project owner in his choice as to whether or not he should grant provisional acceptance.

Technical and energy monitoring of new facilities

When work is completed, our engineers :

> Assist in the commissioning of the facilities and oversee their operation, with the Project Owner, until the expected results have been achieved,

> Provide the Project Owner, for a warranty period of 2 years from provisional acceptance, with all the information and directions necessary for the sound management of the facilities,

> Provide the Project Owner with all the information necessary for a proper understanding of the operation of the equipment and the use of the new facilities (training),

> Check the operating manuals of the facility provided in French by the contractors explaining the operation of the facilities.

before during after

Throughout the warranty period, our engineers: Durant toute la période de garantie, nos ingénieurs :

> Oversee, with the Project Owner, the state and the maintenance of the facilities and the equipment and give the necessary instructions to the contractors,

> Analyse the progress of energy consumption,

> Analyse all the problems encountered – technical issues, discomfort, energy saving, etc.


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