Reminder for the mandatory energy audit for large companies

Since September 2016, all large companies are obliged to carry out an energy audit.

This regulation also applies to the Brussels Capital Region. The decree in brief :

– Audit of large companies & to applicants for an environmental permit for an existing large consumer establishment;

– Audit carried out by an environmental permit auditor;

– Exemption for ISO 50.001 companies and companies participating in the PLAGE programme;

– Contract signed with an auditor by 31.12.2016

What changes ? Every 4 years, large companies must carry out an energy audit. However, some companies are exempt from this rule. These include SMEs or companies that have already carried out an audit within the last 4 years and whose cost-effectiveness has not been demonstrated, …

If you are concerned.

What do you have to do ? Every 4 years, from 5/12/2016, large companies must send the administration:

An energy audit report that is less than 4 years old
A form for large companies implementing an energy or environmental management system with a certificate that has been valid for less than 4 years
A form for large companies that are part of a valid branch agreement
Beware, if you do not comply with this decree, you may be subject to sanctions.

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