Obligation for new constructions to have a certificate of conformity for indoor water and sanitation installations

What is CertiBeau ?

The CertiBeau is a certificate that will be compulsory from 1 June 2021 onwards and is designed to check that installations comply with the legislation in force concerning the General Drinking Water Distribution Regulations and the General Waste Water Disposal Regulations.

Who is it for ?

For Walloon owners of buildings connected to the water supply for the first time and for large premises and establishments where water is supplied to the public.

What is the objective ?

Informative -> To know the state of the pipes and drainage network in order to better understand the quality of the water in their building
Public health -> for its sanitary issue, because the internal installations may be subject to malfunction or the absence of non-return valves, presence of lead pipes, etc.
Environmental -> for its ecological importance, as wastewater and rainwater must be separated, installation of an individual purification system, etc.

By whom ?

It must be drawn up by a CertiBeau approved certifier.

Validity of the certificate ?

Unlimited, as long as no significant changes are made to the connection, the water supply installation or the connection to the waste water disposal system or waste water treatment.

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