Entry into force of the prosumer tariff for owners of photovoltaic panels in Wallonia postponed to 4 months

What is the prosumer tariff ?

At present, only consumers without photovoltaic panels bear the costs of the grid, but with this new tariff, anyone who takes electricity from the grid must contribute to the distribution costs. This means that owners of photovoltaic panels, domestic wind turbines, hydraulic installations and cogeneration plants will contribute to the grid costs when they consume electricity at a different time from when their installation produces electricity. The prosumer will be able to choose between two formulas, either the capacity tariff or the flat-rate tariff.

Postponement of the prosumer tariff ?

The prosumer tariff was initially due to come into force on 1 January 2020, but the Walloon Minister for Energy has obtained a four-month postponement in order to avoid legal proceedings and to resolve the situation.

The government, the CWaPE and the energy suppliers met. During this meeting, an agreement was reached not to issue regularisation or closure invoices to prosumers during the next 4 months, but the CWaPE still recalls that its tariff method was adopted in 2017 by the courts.

To be continued in the coming weeks.

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