Conversion from rich gas to lean gas

Walloon and Brussels organisations and households are affected by this conversion, as the supply of natural gas (lean gas) from the Netherlands will eventually be interrupted.

Who will be affected ?

The Brussels-Capital Region ;
Part of Wallonia (mainly the province of Walloon Brabant, some municipalities in Hainaut and the province of Namur);
But also the Flemish Region.

When ? From 2019 to 2029

What changes does this entail ?

Verification of compatibility with gas appliances by an authorised technician!
This may involve adjustments or replacement of appliances (boilers, water heaters, cookers, hobs, stoves, convectors and open fires)

A little tip: have your boiler and water heater checked for compatibility as part of the periodic inspection so that, in principle, no additional costs are incurred.

If you need a periodic inspection, don’t hesitate to contact us, our design office can help you.

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