We have saved the energy of our customers for more than 14 years.

Teenconsulting is an active and expert research firm in the field of energy performance (energy audit, study and works follow-up, energy performance contract) and special technologies. Our team consists of 5 multidisciplinary and motivated engineers.


Today Teenconsulting draws its strength from its theoretical experience “in study” and practice “on the ground”. Our activities extend into the Walloon Region and the Brussels-Capital Region.

Our skills are based on:

In-depth studies of the installations (heating, ventilation, domestic hot water)
Specific expertise report
Support to the customer
Choose the most appropriate and economical techniques
Implementation and coordination of the different trades
Follow-up of the execution of the works until final acceptance
Guarantee the proper functioning of the installations
Ensure energy and financial profitability

Specialized also in the technical installations of pools, we designed in 2011 with the support of the Walloon Region, a technical guide dealing with the improvement of energy performance in public pools.

Our offices

Nos BureauxIn October 2010, Teenconsulting began the construction of its own offices. A passive building together with a low-energy building. The aim is to occupy a part of it and to create a business center in the other areas.

The construction process captures the spirit of the times. Energy sources are slowly depleting and their prices are rocketing while human pollution has increasingly disastrous consequences on the climate. That is the reason why it is important to be aware of the existing possibilities for designing increasingly energy-efficient and environment-friendly housing.

The ultimate goal is to hone our knowledge in the various fields and to provide our customers with the best solution son the basis of feedback and increased expertise. Our offices are actually considered as the showcase – the laboratory – of our knowhow.

A few figures

  • → K level : 14 ;
  • → Wall insulation : 20 cm ;
  • → Floor insulation : 24 cm ;
  • → Roof insulation : 40 cm ;
  • → Wood-aluminium window frames fitted with triple glazing ;
  • → Heating with 5.75 kW heat pump ;
  • → LED lighting ;
  • → 38 m²  of photovoltaic panels (7.66 kW) ⇒ 102% of needs covered !! ;
  • → No air-conditioning ;
  • → Dual-flow ventilation with high-performance heat recovery ;
  • → Heating requirements: 13.3 kWh[m²/year]
  • → Blower door test (under 50Pa): 0.40 Volume/hr (conventional building = 5 to 12 V/hr)

A few snapshots

The team





Managing Director

Backed by significant experience in the HVAC environment, I took over the reins of Teenconsulting in 2011. The goal was to move the company forward, create new prospects while safeguarding our reputation for high-quality work, greatly acknowledged by our customers.

 Christophe CLARA



Project Leader

I have been an engineer with the Teenconsulting office since 2006 and have carried out many assignments, relying on my strengths as someone who is meticulous-minded and possesses an eye for detail. I acquired sound experience through varied technical analyses within a wide range of buildings while specialising in swimming pools.





Project Engineer

I have been present in the company for over 5 years where I have acquired experience that enables me to manage cases of a diverse nature in the area of the energy performance of buildings. It has allowed me to master a variety of skills in a context demanding versatility.




Assistant Managing Director


Present since November 2016, Teenconsulting offer me the opportunity to realize the objectives that I set myself to develop, expand my knowledge and skills in a company where human capital also take an important place. Dynamic, meticulous and polyvalent, I support every day the team.

Julien Hanot


Operation Engineer

By affinity for special building techniques, I first started studying bachelor building. Realizing my growing interest for this option, I decided to deepen my knowledge through studies of industrial engineer. Subsequently, I had the chance to do my end of studies internship within Teenconsulting. The feeling with the team and the projects on which I collaborated, made me want to definitely integrate the company after graduating as an industrial engineer inconstruction (orientation energy-environment) in 2018.

 Julien Moreaux

Operation Engineer


Graduate of a bachelor in alternative and renewable energies, it was first by attraction for the field of energy that I carried out these studies. After an internship in a studies office, my wish was to continue to perform research and energy audit work. In June 2019, Teenconsulting offers me the opportunity to join an experienced and versatile team.

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