Renovation of the Rapido area at Aqualibi

Aqualibi, the largest water park in Belgium, is constantly evolving. The theme park is making huge investments in renovating the ventilation system in the Rapido area with heat recovery and dehumidification.

At the same time, it is planning to renovate the filtration pumps, heat exchangers and piping for the water treatment systems in the Rapido and jacuzzis.

The complexity of this project is due to the very short execution time (5 weeks), the limited space for the installation of scaffolding to place the new ducts and the fact that the work is being carried out in an occupied zone for part of the project.

However, everything is being done to preserve the comfort of swimmers as much as possible.

The planned ducts are made of PVC because they are chlorine resistant. The ducts in the Rapido area were painted on site. In terms of energy recovery, a condenser integrated into the unit allows the water in the jacuzzi to be pre-heated.

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